Adore: Little Man Feb22

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Adore: Little Man

Little Man Ice Cream deserves a mention for its darling, landmark building alone. A giant old-fashioned milk churn as an ice cream stand? Fantastic. But this small business in Denver’s historic Highland neighborhood is up to more than making a stellar first impression, a lot more.

Little Man Ice Cream operates year round. So we stopped by for a Mac-n-Cheese Savory Cone to chase the chill away and get the scoop on Little Man Ice Cream’s generous community and global giveback ethic.

Let’s start at the beginning. Little Man Ice Cream was named after its founder’s father, Peter Tamburello. Although a man small in stature, he was as well known for having a big heart. This ice cream shop is designed to fulfill his legacy for making a difference in the world. So Little Man’s simple, yet lofty, business philosophy was born:

All business exists to make a difference.

And how.

For every scoop of delicious ice cream they sell, a 3oz. scoop of rice is donated to people in dire need of nutrition. At last count, 438,831 scoops of rice have been donated to those in need through Little Man’s Scoop for Scoop program in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Senegal, Haiti, and Peru. Little Man Ice Cream also works to support great causes and those in need in its own community through fundraisers, sponsorships and donations of ice cream, merchandise, gift cards, coupons, auction items and more.

Keep that in mind the next time you could do with a bite. And remember that this adorable little ice cream shop can stave off both sweet and savory cravings. Good businesses doing good. Is there anything yummier?

Little Man Ice Cream
2620 16th St.
Denver, CO 80211

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